Partswise® Brake rubberware

NBS are the regional distributor for the Partswise® range of brake rubberware and quality brake and clutch products. The Partswise® brand  represents original equipment quality parts that the market can trust. You can rest assured that all Partswise® products are sourced from quality assured factories and thoroughly tested by to ensure they meet the most stringent standards.

From a 1935 Chev to some of the latest vehicles on the road today, NBS have brake rubberware kits in stock to suit. If you have ever experienced quality problems with other brands of rubberware you need to look at the Partswise® range.

Partswise® kits are tried and tested in a brake reconditioning workshop. The products are backed up by after sales support by specialists in the brake industry.

Mineral oil seals

Tractor brake and clutch cylinders often use a hydraulic fluid as their brake fluid. These systems are also known as mineral oil brake systems. Ordinary brake fluid type seals are completely incompatible with mineral or hydraulic oil, and swell considerably. The Partswise® range is Australia’s leading supply of mineral oil type seals to suit many agricultural and industrial applications.