DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids

Most people in the automotive industry would be aware of the insistence from Toyota of the use of Dot 3 rather than Dot 4 fluids in Toyota vehicles, or warranty is voided on the brake systems of these vehicles. It appears that the 100 Series Landcruiser is the main vehicles affected by these potential problems, but it is worthwhile to note that on the reservoir of almost all Toyota vehicles it specifically states that Dot 3 is to be used.

So what is the difference between Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluid?

It has been generally believed throughout the industry that there is no difference between the two, apart from a higher boiling point with Dot 4, and the fact that it meets a higher industry specification standard.

But the experts say different…..

Most Australian manufacturers say there is a composition difference between the two. So, if this is the case, how is it that Toyota vehicles for years had Dot 4 fluids flushed through their system with no apparent problems?

That's a valid question. NBS have carefully considered a number of different fluid brands worldwide. Most manufacturers have now taken the path of producing both. So does that mean you simply have no option but to stock both fluids?

No! WE have the answer - a fluid that does both!

Too good to be true? Our brake fluid customers have been using the fluid for a long time now - on all vehicles, including Toyota's, with excellent results! The fluid is guaranteed for any vehicle where the manufacturer specifies either Dot 3 or 4.

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