Why you need to use assembly fluids

It is a fact that many a brake overhaul is ruined by not using a suitable assembly fluid.

Having your wheel cylinders sleeved in stainless steel and assembling them without a suitable fluid is a sure recipe for disaster; The same applies to caliper rebuilding.

Brake systems require more than brake fluid to provide lubrication, particularly at the time of overhauling.

Silicon rich fluid is used as a so-called assembly fluid and assists when assembling sliding components such as pistons. The silicon lubricant seals out moisture and oxygen, helping prevent corrosion. Silicon fluids do not mix with brake fluid, however the small amount of fluid left in the system after component overhaul is minimal and not enough to cause concern.

Without assembly fluids, wheel cylinder pistons can seize up in time and score the bore. Caliper pistons assembled dry can stick, over time, causing uneven pad wear and pulling problems.

Silicon assembly fluids should not be confused with rubber greases. Rubber grease can be used in boots and dust covers, but has the wrong viscosity and is not slippery enough to be used when assembling the internals of calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinders.

Assembly fluids make the job of overhauling so much easier, especially in caliper rebuilding. Pistons that won’t start in bores will glide in with a smear of assembly fluid.

Also very useful in caliper rebuilding is our “Cool Lube” non petroleum based caliper slide lubricant. Being non petroleum based, it will not cause brake seals and slide rubbers to swell, it will not wash off or dry out, and stops corrosion and rust.

This extremely popular product is available in 80ml tubes – why not order some today?

For more information on the different fluids that can make your day a little easier contact NBS on 1800 780 858.