Technical Information

Bleeding Brake Systems

Does this sound like you? You’ve just replaced the rear brake shoes & cylinders and attempted to bleed the system and BANG – the pedal goes straight to the floor. The master cylinder has just given up the ghost... Read more

Creeping Brake Pedals

Have you fitted new brake pads and are having trouble getting a firm pedal? It seems in many cases pedal fade problems at low RPM or idle are related to diesel vehicles with twin diaphragm boosters... Read more

Why you need to use assembly fluids

It is a fact that many a brake overhaul is ruined by not using a suitable assembly fluid. Having your wheel cylinders sleeved in stainless steel and assembling them without a suitable fluid is a sure recipe for disaster; The same applies to caliper rebuilding... Read more

DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids

Most people in the automotive industry would be aware of the insistence from Toyota of the use of Dot 3 rather than Dot 4 fluids in Toyota vehicles, or warranty is voided on the brake systems of these vehicles... Read more


D40 Navara Creeping Brake Pedals

D40 Navara's often give a creeping pedal at idle, and can be mistaken for a faulty master cylinder. We did a simple test to prove the point....Read more