D40 Navara Creeping Brake Pedal Problems

We’ve recently had a number of requests for brake master cylinders or kits for the Nissan D40 Navara, manufactured from 2005 on. Of course, the first thing we ask is why do you want the kit, and almost always it is to fix a supposedly creeping brake pedal.
Unfortunately a kit won’t fix the problem. To prove a point, we carried out a few tests on one of these vehicles.

These consisted of plumbing a 3000psi pressure gauge into the system. We did 2 different tests, with and without the engine running. In both instances we applied what we considered normal braking pressure, then maximum pressure on the pedal.

Engine off and no vacuum:

Normal force: 700 psi
Maximum force: 900 psi

Engine running:

Normal force: 2000 psi
Maximum force: 2800 psi

The interesting results are the ones with the engine running. With a normal effort exerted on the system the pedal kept creeping virtually to the floor increasing in pressure until it reached 2800 psi. The pedal creep is often mistaken for a master cylinder problem, which it obviously is not, as witnessed by the 800 psi pressure increase!!